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TemaNord 2016:529

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Food losses and waste in primary production

Data collection in the Nordic countries

This the main report from a Nordic Project, financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, on food waste in primary production of food in  Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The term “side flow” was adapted because it is more precise and less confusing for farmers and other involved parties. The project made definitions of side flow and primary production. Methods were adapted and tested for measuring amount of side flows, finding reasons for side flows, how they are treated and possible measures for reducing them. The testing gave side flow quantities for a number of products including carrot, onion, peas, wheat, rye and farmed fish. For other products, data from published reports and studies were found.
Based on these numbers, a total side flow amount of 3,7 % (of the total produced amount) for the Nordic region was calculated. 
See also Technical report  and interview and questionnaire guide 



Ulrika Franke
Hanna Hartikainen
Lisbeth Mogensen