The transition from fossil to renewable energy is one of the most important measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. NORSUS has broad experience in documenting the environmental profile of different energy carriers such as hydropower, wind power, gas power with and without CO2 capture, in addition to electricity, heat and other energy products (biofuels) from biobased products and physical infrastructure for distribution of electricity. Our expertise includes regulation and use of origin-guaranteed electricity, and we have been part of the work of developing methodology for calculating Residual Mixes (electricity disclosure) for all European countries. We have also developed environmental product declarations (EPDs) for several electricity producers.2-fangst, i tillegg til elektrisitet, varme og andre energiprodukter (biodrivstoff) fra biobaserte kilder og produkter som inngår i distribusjon av elektrisitet. Vi har spisskompetanse på regelverk og bruk av opprinnelsesgarantert elektrisitet, og har deltatt i arbeidet med å utvikle metodikk for å beregne Residualmikser (Varedeklarasjon) for alle europeiske land. Vi har også utviklet miljødeklarasjoner (EPD’er) for elektrisitet for flere kraftprodusenter.

When the environmental impacts of energy products are evaluated, it is necessary to include all parts of the value chain. For electricity this includes losses during the distribution, operation and management of the grid, and construction, installation and disposal of necessary infrastructure.

Although climate change is one of the environmental problems that currently obtain the most attention, we seek to apply a comprehensive approach in our research. Consequently, we strive towards including a broad set of environmental indicators when we are evaluating the environmental impact of energy products. This is to avoid causing new environmental problems while attempting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, we have projects and publications regarding methodology for water footprint and energy indicators.