Ostfold Research is now NORSUS!

June 8th 2020

Ostfold Research (Østfoldforskning) has today become NORSUS - Norwegian Institute for Sustainability Research. The new name is an expression of an ambition: we want to be even more effective in our mission of contributing to a more sustainable world. We do this by providing a high-quality knowledge base on environmental effects of products, services and value chains, using Life Cycle Assessment approaches (LCA) and integrated economic, social and environmental approaches. We remain based in the county formerly known as Østfold (now Viken), but our reach has always been national and international. ‘NORSUS’ more clearly positions us as one of Europe’s leading research institutes on LCA, a key element in applied sustainability work at a value chain level and a central factor for achieving a circular economy.

Sven Mollekleiv new chair of the board of NORUS

June 12th 2020

The General Assembly of NORSUS elected today Sven Mollekleiv as new chair of the board. - Sustainability has for years been important to me personally and professionally, and through this engagement I can further support important forces for a sustainable societal development, Mollekleiv states. [Read more, in Norwegian]

NORSUS important contributor to the new Norwegian climate policy Klimakur 2030

Several public authorities have in Klimakur 2030 analysed the potential for reducing non quota emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as measures to increase uptake in, and reduce emissions from, forests and other land use. NORSUS research has been an important resource for this work. [In Norwegian]

New: Children and youths need more knowledge of food waste

A NORSUS report shows that each one of us throws away 40 kgs of food a year. Read about measures for reducing food waste among young consumers. 

June 10th 2020 [In Norwegian]



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