Erik Svanes

Seniorforsker. Dr Philos kandidat



Erik er seniorforsker i NORSUS og arbeider hovedsakelig med prosjekter rettet mot å kartlegge og redusere miljøbelastningen i verdikjeder knyttet til ulike matvarer og emballasje, samt prosjekter om matsvinn. Fokus har vært på vegetabilske matvarer og fisk og det viktigste verktøyet har vært livsløpsanalyser (LCA=Life Cycle Assessment).

Erik took his master’s degree in Organic Chemistry in 1987 at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU), and in 1992/1993 studied environmental protection at the University of Oslo. He has since September 2017 been working on a Dr Philos degree where the main research topic is to study the sustainability impacts of replacing animal protein with plant protein produced in Norway.

After several years working in Norsk Hydro and Ecolabelling Norway, he started working in NORSUS (then Ostfold Research) in 2007. In addition to food and packaging he has also been engaged in research in other sectors such as wastewater treatment, construction, asphalt, carbon capture and storage, and electricity production.

Erik has been involved in standardization work, both nationally and internationally, been a member of the Technical Committee of EPD Norway, and of Eco platform. In addition, he has taken part in developing several Product Category Rules (PCR) and developed and reviewed several Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). He is the coordinator of the Food research area at the institute.