Biogas production represents both a treatment method for sewage sludge and organic waste from households and industry, and a precursor for electricity, heat, biofuel, compost, biofertilizer and soil amendment products. In addition, the use of livestock manure for biogas production is identified as one of the most important measures to reduce greenhouse gases in agriculture.

Over the last ten years, NORSUS has led several long-term research projects related to biogas. Within these, we have developed models for the potential environmental impacts and resource efficiency for biogas value chains, in collaboration with other Norwegian researchers. We have also developed economic models for different actors in the biogas value chain. These are used to identify the necessary incentives for environmental, resource and economic efficient value chains, and to analyse the effect of potential future political developments.

Our research has given input to improvement of existing and the establishment of new biogas value chains, and has created a basis for policy development on a regional and national level in Norway.