Ocean, coast and water

Hav, kyst og vann er både en viktig del av naturen vi omgir oss med, som trenger beskyttelse, og en kilde til biologiske ressurser som vi kan bruke til å produsere mat, fôr og biomaterialer og sysselsette lokalsamfunn. NORSUS har i en årrekke jobbet med problemstillinger knyttet til bruk av hav, kyst og vann på en bærekraftig måte. På fiskerisiden har vi jobbet bl.a. med degradable fishing gear and sustainability assessments of production concepts and packaging solutionsRelated to aquaculture we have worked on life cycle assessments (LCA) of different novel feed ingredients, such as residues from saw mills and insect protein, and use of residual products from fish farming. We have also worked on circular waste water flows and water purification.

Water use is an increasingly important indicator in LCA generally, which we include in our methods. We have also worked on hydroelectricity.

NORSUS is located right by the Oslo fjord and is worried about the deterioration of the fjord. We conduct research on issues that are close to us, such as how dredging masses can be reused for nature restoration or for new products.