About our research

NORSUS has since 1988 conducted sustainability research in the form of environmental and resource efficiency studies and have increasingly included the economic and societal pillars of sustainability. Our aim is that the technology, materials and energy sources of the future are developed with sustainability as a fundamental guiding principle. We develop methods for managing the world’s resources in an efficient and circular way.

Key to our sustainability research are Environmental life-cycle assessments (LCA) and value chain perspectives, which are crucial for the current European Green Deal and the transformation into a circular economy. Whilst methodologically specialised, we cover a broad range of application areas. We also work with a number of related approaches and topics, such as mapping of consumer behaviour in the fields of textiles and food waste, facilitating networked innovation processes, environmental communication and nudging.

Many of our projects are directly funded by enterprises, sector organisations or public organisations. Others arise from successful applications to Norwegian, Nordic and European research programmes, often in conjunction with accomplished collaborators.  

An important focus of NORSUS' is NorEnviro Norwegian Center for LCA Data. This is a national centre and database that will fulfil the function of a national library for environmental and resource data. The data to be made available will comprise emissions and resource use data relating to products, processes, materials, and energy and waste systems - life cycle data - for Norwegian conditions.

For NORSUS, academic integrity and research ethics are crucial. In all its aspects, NORSUS shall be characterised by high ambitions, quality, integrity and holism.