The process industry encompasses energy intensive industries such as production of pulp and paper, metals and chemicals, in addition to oil refineries, biorefineries, mineral industries and producers of cement, gypsum and chalk. These industries serve manufacturing companies with intermediary products, and also deliver products to end consumers. All companies in this sector experience growing demands for improved environmental performance and documentation.

Since its formation in 1988, NORSUS has undertaken important projects for companies in the process industry and has contributed significantly to improved environmental performance. Many projects have developed cleaner production processes or strategic directions. Leading process industry actors such as Norcem and Jotun have been at the forefront of developing environmental declarations together with NORSUS. Both the process industry and NORSUS are interested in mass and energy balances and flow diagrams, and the process industry is well suited for performing LCAs. A close relationship with Borregaard has led to extensive documentation of the environmental and resource profiles of a range of biorefinery products, including special cellulose, lignin, vanilin, microfibrillated cellulose, and proteins. National and international research projects have focused on developing new processes for bio ethanol production or new products like microfibrillated cellulose (Exilva). NORSUS is also researching carbon capture and storage value chains for CO2 emissions from energy recovery of waste and from the process industry.2-utslipp fra energigjenvinning av avfall og fra prosessindustri.