The inventory and life cycle data for Norwegian hydroelectricity

In 1998 Ostfold Research performed a comprehensive LCA study of electricity from 8 Norwegian hydropower stations, including the distribution net and losses by distribution on high and low voltage, respectively (Vold et al., 1998). Emissions from inundation of land were not included due to limited research. At that time, no PCR was available for hydroelectricity. In 2007 Ostfold Research updated completely the LCA for one of the studies (Trollheim) and in 2011 a lifetime adjustment was performed for the 7 other LCA’s to be in line with the last version of the PCR for hydroelectricity (PCR 2007:08). In 2011 NVE made LCA’s of electricity from 2 additional hydropower stations. The 10 hydropower stations represented 4,3 % of the Norwegian hydropower production (NVE, 2010).T

The aim of this study is thus to model the average Norwegian hydropower production based on LCI data from the available LCA’s and to include/update GHG emissions from inundation of land.