Supporting green growth in the construction industry

This report investigates the existence and impact of green innovation networks in the construction industry and defines the potentials and barriers for successfully promoting green innovation in the construction industry through government-initiated networks. The purpose of the report is to inspire the creation of an innovation network for the construction industry in Østfold, Norway and to highlight important considerations in this process.

The document provides an overview of the leading international, Nordic and Norwegian research on the subject, illustrated through examples of existing networks. The report contains a literature review followed by reflections on the possibilities for government-initiated networks to transform projectbased knowledge into innovation that enhances sustainable development within the Norwegian construction industry.

The report finds that networks in the construction industry generally fall into three categories: supply chain collaboration, project-based collaboration, and collaboration in constructed networks. The main challenge hindering innovation within the construction industry is found to be the inability of actors to transfer experience and knowledge gained at the project level to the company and industry levels. Innovation networks can potentially aid in this process. Government-initiated networks have the potential to further enhance sustainable innovation in construction but the success of such initiatives depends on the ability of the network to make network activities relevant and beneficial for network participants as well as facilitate constructive knowledge sharing between the different actors.



Irmelin Gram-Hanssen