Plastic packaging loss mapping

PacKnoPlast Task 1.2

This report presents the results of Task 1.2 of the PacKnoPlast project. Task 1.2 shall map and characterise the different options for waste management alternatives for post-consumer plastic packaging regarding loss of plastic throughout the value chains and quality of the plastic reaching the recycling plants. This report is the deliverable from Task 1.2. PacKnoPlast focusses on plastic packaging for food and thus the discussion and work presented in this report also has this focus.
The best available knowledge about the value chain for plastic food packaging in Norway and potential losses of macro- and microplastic from this value chain are presented, based on a literature study and a mass balance analysis. In addition, a description of the parameters influencing the quality of the plastics reaching the recycling plant is given. NORSUS has not gathered new data, but based this report on existing data sources.