Important Lessons from Europe's Food Waste Conference: Towards Halving Food Waste by 2030

Aina Stensgård på en europeisk matsvinnkonferanse

Our colleague Aina Stensgård participated last week at an European Food Waste conference and a meeting in the EU platform on food loss and waste in the Netherlands together with Matvett, Nofima and Landbruks- og matdepartementet.

The Conference; "Towards halving food waste in Europe", had more than 370 participants from the entire food value chain across 33 countries.

Here is Ainas key take-home-messages from the conference and platform meeting:

  • Young people must be involved in the food waste work. They are the future's consumers, farmers, authorities and company managers
  • On 17 June, the Council of Europe adopted the European Commission's proposal for binding reduction targets for food waste, where input from among others, Norway, on defining separate targets for the edible part of food waste, is included in a possible revision in 2025.
  • Most EU countries work to prevent food waste, but there is a large variation in what the various countries define as “prevention”, with some countries even considering composting and donation as prevention. There is a need to develop a food use hierarchy and align understanding across Member States