Webinar Ending SYLFEED

On the final day of the SYLFEED project, one of our research managers, Andreas Brekke, presented the environmental performance of a protein fish feed ingredient made from beech. The project is managed and owned by the French technology company Arbiom and has included partners from Iceland, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands, in addition to France and Norway. NORSUS has scrutinised the environmental performance of the life cycle of the protein, SylPro®, from the harvesting of wood in the forest to the feeding of the fish in the water. Results from this life cycle has been compared to other protein sources, like soy protein concentrate, fish meal, rape seed meal, and more novel sources like insect meal and bacterial protein meal. The compilation and analyses of data and models for the other protein sources have been an important part of the project. The LCA work in the project has used the newest methods for characterising impacts connected to land and water use and NORSUS has contributed to increased knowledge on how they can be used and results interpreted. The final webinar will soon be published on the project website www.sylfeed.eu