Risk assessment data for micro- and nanoplastic can be used when developing LCIA models

In a presentation on the 4th of May at the SETAC-conference Cecilia Askham, NORSUS, presented findings from the collaboration between PacKnoPlast and MarILCA.

The presentation “How Can Risk Assessment Data for Micro- and NanoPlastics Contaminations Be Generated in a Way That Is Useful for the Development of LCIA Models?” is based on findings from PacKnoPlast and the collaboration with MariLCA.

Cecilia Askham presented the work during the conference session «3.08 – Harmonized Data reporting and analyses in micro- and nanoplastics research».

An impressive group of international researchers have authored this work:

Cecilia Askham, NORSUS AS, Norway
Valentina Pauna, Parthenope University of Naples, Italy
Anne-Marie Boulay, CIRAIG – École Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
Peter Fantke, Technical University of Denmark
Olivier Jolliet, University of Michigan, United States
Jérôme Lavoie, CIRAIG, UQÀM, Canada
Andy Booth, PhD, SINTEF Ocean, Norway
Claire Coutris, Bioforsk, Norway
Francesca Verones, NTNU, Norway
Miriam Weber, HYDRA Marine Sciences GmbH, Germany
Martina Vijver, CML Leiden University, Netherlands
Amy Lusher, NIVA Norwegian Institute of Water Research, Norway
Carla Hajjar, CIRAIG, Canada
Naiara Casagrande, MARE – Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

The results presented are also related to work that is being carried out in the projects DSolve and DGRADE.