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New Nordic study: Monitoring Food Waste and Loss in the Nordic region

NORSUS has been the project manager for a Nordic project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, working group for circular economy. The report give an overview of the methodology for, organization of and scope of monitoring food waste in the Nordic countries, together with how food waste and food loss are defined as a basis for the work. The background is the EU's new requirements for reporting food waste, which will be implemented from 2020, and where the systems chosen by the Nordic countries have been compared against the requirements of EU regulation.

In addition, the report contains a review of experiences with food waste prevention in households and in the retail sector in the Nordic countries. The authors of the report are Ole Jørgen Hanssen and Kjersti Prestrud from NORSUS, Karin Östergren from RISE and Tova Andersson from IVL in Sweden, Hanna Hartikainen from LUKE in Finland and Mads Werge from PlanMiljø in Denmark. The report can be downloaded 



Karin Östergren
Hanna Hartikainen
Tova Andersson
Mads Werge