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Journal of Cleaner Production 2018 ;Volum 183

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Methodological accounting tool for climate and energy planning in a Norwegian municipality

The scientific article is part of the Klimareg project, a research project financed by Oslofjord Research Fund for strengthening the data and methodology and improving the tools used in Norwegian municipal and regional Climate and Energy planning. The aim of the article is to present a methodology to support the Climate and Energy Plan in the municipality of Fredrikstad (Norway) by analyzing whether locally available woody biomass, specifically

forest logging residues, could cover the demand for heating in municipality buildings over the next 20 years. Three different tools, a geoprocessing tool for

forestry (GEOSKOG), a methodology for environmental assessment (Life Cycle Assessment) and a tool for processing geographical data (Geographical Information System), were used in combination with energy data related to municipal buildings. The goal was to quantify the share of energy end-use (heat) that could potentially be replaced by bioenergy from forest logging residues and to calculate the potential GHG benefits from this substitution.

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