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Basis for new EU reporting on
food waste

This report has been commissioned by the Norwegian Environment Agency and written by the Norwegiani institute for sustainability research (NORSUS) and SINTEF Ocean.
The purpose of the report and associated deliverables is to provide a basis for Norway’s reporting duties to the EU on food waste throughout the food supply chain (2019/1597/EC).
The food supply chain comprises the following stages:
• Primary production
• Processing and manufacturing
• Retail and other distribution of food
• Restaurants and food services
• Households
The EU states that “food waste is any food that has become waste under these conditions:

  1. it has entered the food supply chain,
  2. it then has been removed or discarded from the food supply chain or at the final consumption stage,
  3. it is finally destined to be processed as waste.” (2019/2000/EC, p. 7, original emphasis)
    Data on food waste must be reported annually but in-depth measurements of food waste are only required at least once every four years. The first mandatory reporting year is for the reference year 2020 (Table I).
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Magnus Stoud Myhre
Ana Karina Carvaja