Project leader

Irmeline de Sadeleer, Synnøve Rubach


01/02/2023 -

See my used dress

The project "Se min brukte kjole" (See my used dress) is a research project whose main purpose is to generate knowledge that can be used to promote and actually increase the rate of reuse of textiles in the Oslo area.

However, there is a lack of data concerning the available products and their volumes, data on environmental effects and knowledge on business models for reuse. More specifically, there is no overview of how much of the collected textiles are suitable for reuse in Norway, there is a lack of environmental data and documentation that can support reuse, and barriers and opportunities in the Norwegian market for textile reuse are not known. Actors in the field of reuse thus have little to rely on when creating new business models.

The project will gather data that can be used by actors in the reuse market, to inform consumers about the environmental footprint of reused products and motivate them to change their purchasing habits. Furthermore, the project will provide data and knowledge that can be used to influence the authorities for facilitation and incentives for increased reuse.

The project is financed by RFF Oslo, was initiated in March 2023 and will run until the first trimester of 2025. The project is led by NF&TA, and the consortium consists of a wide range of actors in the textile industry that cover production, collection and reuse activities.

NORSUS leads the first three work packages in the project, which deal with the data on available product and their volumes, with life cycle data for environmental assessments and with creating a market for used clothing.