Project leader

Pieter Callewaert


01/01/2021 -



Research Council of Norway

Go Good AS
Norsk Gjenvinning AS
3D Analyse AS
Norsk Regnesentral

Reuse as a service: item control and product flow in a chaotic second-hand market

If retail businesses are to succeed in the future, it is crucial that they navigate the transition from today's linear to tomorrow's circular economy, by developing attractive reuse-based products and services. New business models and technologies are required which facilitate circular design, production, and delivery, as well as the processes of replacement and repair.

In this project, NORSUS is researching the climate and environmental benefits of reuse systems. How is one to decide if a product should be reused or recycled? Technology is key to operationalising the system, and climate and environmental analyses will be carried out to ensure a sustainable high-tech reuse system.

The project focuses on the reuse of furniture, but the method to be developed will be transferable to other sectors.