Project leader

Ole Jørgen Hanssen


01/07/2020 -


Project manager




Nature In Your Face – Disruptive Climate Change Communication to Trigger Societal Transition

Due to the urgency to transform society and tackling the challenge of climate change, science needs to go beyond incremental change. NIYF develops and tests a methodology to stimulate transformative societal change in a co-constructive way with citizens and stakeholders from the civil, public, and private sector. NIYF is transdisciplinary in nature by combining social science, humanities (art), and environmental science, and involves a large group of local and national stakeholders. This provides new, participative models of local governance for the path towards carbon neutrality.

In the project, NORSUS quantifies the CO2 emission reduction effects achieved in each of the cases by state-of-the-art Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) based environmental scenario analyses, also assessing the upscaling potential.

The project is led by NTNU and funded by The Norwegian Research Council, KLIMAFORSK program, grant no 302111. Project period 2020.09.01 – 2024.08.31. See more information here: