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Forskningsrådet Bionær

NMBU (project owner)
Aarhus University
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Copenhagen University

LIVESTOCK – Sustainable Livestock Production

LIVESTOCK was a 4-year research project (2019-2023) funded by the Research Council of Norway with NMBU as the project owner. The main goal of the LIVESTOCK-project was to develop a more sustainable livestock production in Norway from a circular perspective, focusing on increased utilization of local and renewable resources. LCA models were developed to document sustainability for various future livestock production scenarios. 

In the LIVESTOCK project, comprehensive life cycle analyses of Norwegian livestock production were conducted. This means that not only the impacts of individual animals or individual farms were considered, but the systems from soil to product. The analyses encompassed the three pillars of sustainability: environment, economy, and social. The project particularly focused on how the use of Norwegian resources affects the sustainability impact of such production systems, especially new, innovative feed resources such as yeast made from Norwegian spruce trees. This is important knowledge for making good decisions about future Norwegian food production. 

In Norway, there is abundant access to forests, coastal areas, water and renewable energy, but limited opportunities to grow crops that can be consumed directly by people. Ruminants therefore play an important role in the resource cycle. 


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