Project leader

Simon Alexander Saxegård


01/01/2018 -


Project manager



Norges Forskningsråd, Bionær


The Norwegian food industry is challenged by a stringent environmental policy, pressure on food self-sufficiency/security, domestic market competition, new consumption patterns & low R&D expenditure stifling innovation. iNOBox represents a joint multi-actor effort towards more efficient, profitable & sustainable processing, securing the supply of safe, high-quality & nutritious foods.

iNOBox proposes 5 market-driven business solutions with broad transferability that integrate innovative processing technologies (IPT) across relevant agri-food chains. iNOBox will greatly advance cross-disciplinary knowledge base on IPT and pave the way towards market & consumer uptake. Ultimately, iNOBox will develop an innovation e-toolbox to support IPT end-users/manufacturers on scientific, technical & regulatory matters, consumer-centric process innovation opportunities & marketing strategies. Through whole value-chain interventions, resource-efficient IPT will foster: Environmental, economic & social sustainability towards a circular bioeconomy [better self-sufficiency; cost optimisation; 1.5-5% energy saving in the whole sector; 0.1% GHG emission reduction in Norway; 438 MNOK/yr consumer savings (food waste) for each extra day’s shelf-life]; Fast-growing productivity, long-term profitability & competitiveness; Better employability of a high-skilled workforce in decentralised areas. Safer & healthier IPT foods will lead to new market shares & social innovation (allergy, health promotion) and will improve the public health system through reduced prevalence of food allergy/diet-related diseases, food recalls & associated health/social costs, while contributing to food security for a growing/ageing population. iNOBox will foster international responsible research & innovation, multi-actor & public engagement, science education, open knowledge sharing and gender/ethical integrity, towards better decision-making on sustainable process innovation & enhanced know-how/technology transfer