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Kari Anne Lyng


01/01/2021 -


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Landbruksdirektoratets Klima- og Miljøprogram


Landbruksdirektoratets Klima- og Miljøprogram

Norges Bondelag

Bio-residues from new marine raw materials and livestock manure: Recommendations for use in agriculture

It is the goal of administrative authorities to increase the production of biogas, however this will at the same time lead to an increase in amounts of bio-waste. The economy, greenhouse gas emissions and the resource efficiency of the value chain will all gain substantial benefit from the good management of bio-residue, but the requirement to make provision for bio-residue has been shown to create a significant barrier for several Norwegian biogas plants.
There are a number of locations in the country where biogas plants are being established. Here, production will be based on new raw materials such as fish silage and fish sludge, as well as livestock manure. There is limited knowledge regarding the way these raw materials affect the quality of bio-residues, both in terms of nutrient content and the content of undesirable substances.
The intention of the project “Bio-residues from new marine raw materials and livestock manure” is as follows: Usage recommendations for agriculture will contribute a wider knowledge base, both with regard to the way the new raw materials for biogas production affect the quality, and in communicating existing knowledge to agriculture. This will be achieved by obtaining information from existing facilities and carrying out sampling and analysis of the bio-residue at new facilities. A bio-residue guide for agriculture will then be produced which will summarise the advantages and disadvantages, areas of application and limitations for bio-residues from various raw materials.
In addition, the project will scale up the knowledge from individual facilities to a national level as well as developing a national recommendation for the use of various bio-residue products on the basis of their location and quality.

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