Project leader

Hanne Lerche Raadal


01/07/2019 -


FREVAR (prosjekteier)
Østfoldforskning (prosjektleder)
Borg Havn IKS
Kronos Titan AS
Metallco Stene AS
Norsk Senter for Sirkulær Økonomi
Fredrikstad kommune
Høgskolen i Østfold
Sotenäs Symbioscentrum
Kalundborg Dansk Symbiosecenter

Sustainable innovation through industrial symbiosis

Objective: Ensure that all material and energy resources in the industrial cluster at Øra (Norway) are utilized as efficiently as possible through increased interaction between the companies and businesses in the area (industrial symbiosis).

The research project should result in concrete innovation in private partner companies, as well as innovation in interaction between companies and between businesses, public companies and public administration. A dynamic and resource database for the entire Øra area will be developed. Industrial development projects will be carried out that can contribute to technological solutions that make it possible to reduce resource loss, share surplus resources and increase environmental and resource efficiency in the area in total. The innovation work will take place in networks between the companies, and R&D environments that can contribute to the development of new solutions. New methods and models for business development will be developed through cooperation and interaction between companies and between companies and public enterprises in order to promote industrial symbiosis and circular economy in practice.

The project is supported by RFF Oslofjord.

A publikasjon from WP 1 can be downloaded here.