Pilot program for sustainable value creation

Green nature

Viken County Municipality, in collaboration with NORSUS, USN, NMBU, and NCCE, is organizing "Capacity Building in Sustainable Value Creation and Green Transformation – Using Digital Transformation and Circular Business Models".

The program consists of a series of webinars and three in-person meetings.

The webinars are open to anyone who wishes to gain more knowledge on the subject.

The in-person meetings are only open to innovation actors in Viken and employees of Viken County Municipality who have received a separate invitation.

Modular Program

The program is designed to be modular – you can participate in the activities that interest you, and the activities do not directly build upon each other, with two exceptions:

  • If you have no prior knowledge of sustainability, participating in the first webinar is necessary to benefit from the more advanced webinars and meetings.
  • The in-person meetings on "circular economy" and "sustainability communication and sustainability reporting" complement the webinars related to these topics.

Two Parts

The program has divided the activities into two parts, based on the level of expertise:

  1. The basic part provides participants with fundamental knowledge.
  2. The advanced part offers insights into current topics.

These two parts overlap throughout the autumn: Each week after the start, there will be a basic-level activity and an advanced-level activity. The digital activities will be scheduled on fixed weekdays: Basic activities every Tuesday and advanced activities every Thursday. The in-person meetings (a total of three) do not follow this pattern.

See an overview of all the webinars here