NORSUS staff in podcasts to make you environmentally smarter!

NORSUS researchers have lately participated in three podcasts to inform about our research. We have discussed what is more environmentally friendly of hydro, wind and solar power, why LCA is important to document environmental impacts from cradle to grave, and the research needs related to nudging and behaviour change. [In Norwegian]

Photos: Upper right Ingunn Saur Modahl, bottom left Hanne Lerche Raadal and bottom right Mona Nilsen

Podcast about electricity generation 



Podcast about LCA as an important tool for documenting  environmental impacts

Energi og Klima

In the podcast we explain 

  • how LCA is used to document environmental footprint 
  • why this is important 
  • how companies can request environmental documentation 
  • whether emission quotas influence life cycle assessments 
  • how you can use Guarantee of Origin (GoO) in environmental documentation 

Podcast about nudging