NORSUS at the International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM)

This week, NORSUS is well represented at the International Conference on Life Cycle Management, in Lille. Our colleagues Irmeline, Regina, Erik, Lars and Ellen-Marie went to disseminate our research as well as learn from, discuss and build networks with other researchers.

NORSUS researchers were involved in three paper presentations. Ellen-Marie Forsberg presented a paper explaining the consensus process method and discussed its potential use as a tool in Life Cycle Management to avoid problem shifting, reduce institutional barriers and contribute to more learning across organisations. Clara Valente was coauthor on a paper on PMC (Polymer matrix composites) in wind turbines. Lars Tellnes, with colleagues from Østfold University College and Treknisk Institutt presented a paper on environmental declarations.

We also showed three posters. Erik Svanes presented a poster that outlined how measures taken in a whitefish value chain (based on Northeast Atlantic cod) regarding packaging, processing and distribution have achieved significant reductions in environmental impact. Regina Skattenborg and Irmeline de Sadeleer showed a poster from the research project Bærekraft med Bærekraft on a framework for functional unit for distribution of power, where the aim of the framework is to increase transparency and comparability in LCA studies of power distribution so that electricity distributing companies can take informed decisions based on life cycle assessments. Ellen-Marie, on behalf of the NORSUS RoBUTCHER team also presented a poster on Social-LCA of an emerging automated abattoir technology.

LCM 2023 was the largest edition of this conference since its beginning, with almost a thousand delegates, reflecting the ever increasing interest for LCA and LCM.

Current and former NORSUS researchers: Regina Skattenborg, Lars Tellnes, Irmeline de Sadeleer, Fredrik Johnsen (now Vestlandsforsking) and Ellen-Marie Forsberg.

NORSUS researcher Erik Svanes