NORSUS in the board for CCUS Norge / CCUS Norway

Senior research scientist Ingunn Saur Modahl has accepted to be part of the board for the newly established CCUS Norge / CCUS Norway.

CCUS Norway is a non-commercial member association, and the goal is to build competence and share experiences regarding environmental and resource issues connected to capture, use and storage of CO2. CCUS Norway is scientific oriented, and aims at contributing to a better climate and establishing green jobs. CCUS Norway will implement projects and act as a national center for CCS/CCUS competence. Membership is open for all, and is especially targeted towards industrial companies, technology suppliers, consultants, researchers and academia. The founders of CCU Norway are Borregaard, FREVAR, Kvitebjørn Bio-El, IFE, Østfold Energi, NORSUS, Sarpsborg Avfallsenergi, Biobe, Borg Havn and Stormkast Utvikling, and the first board meeting was held Monday 16th August 2021.