The carbon footprint of food - collaboration between NORSUS and RISE!

NORSUS and RISE have started a collaboration to create a climate database for food. NORSUS has carried out many life cycle assessments of food products and is now delivering carbon footprints for Norwegian foods to RISE's climate database. This database already contains carbon footprints for just over 750 food products on the Swedish market -Klimatdatabasen fyller fem år – används av allt fler aktörer | RISE 

NORSUS believes it is important to make this type of information available, so that both public and private actors can calculate greenhouse gas emissions related to meals or menus, which in turn enables a shift towards more climate-friendly choices.   

Climate change is a major threat to the earth's population, and therefore environmental research has focused on reducing greenhouse gases.  

Food consumption accounts for about one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions which means that food is an important theme for sustainable development. Serious environmental problems related to food production and consumption aside from climate change includes emissions to water, water consumption and loss of biological diversity. This is why we are collaborating for a climate database for food – sustainable diets can reduce environmental impact and this is where we currently have sufficient data.