A number of new research projects will start up in 2023

NORSUS continues with a high success rate in developing new research projects.

In mid-June, the Norwegian Research Council announced which of the proposals submitted in February have passed through the eye of the needle and will receive funding. NORSUS is involved in several of them.

NORSUS will lead the Circulizer project. It was granted 12.1 million NOK from the agriculture and food industry research funds. The project will develop valuable knowledge about using marine waste resources for biogas production and how this affects fertilizer quality and environmental impacts when bio residue is to be used as bio-fertilizer.

In addition, NORSUS will participate in numerous other projects which have received funding from the Norwegian Research Council

  • LUBRIBOT will be led by the Department of Mathematics at UiO and will develop soft robots.
  • SEA-CYCLE will be led by NMBU and contribute to the improved use of waste resources from the aquaculture industry.
  • Bread Rescuers will be led by Nofima and contribute to reducing bread waste.
  • EFREE-GREEN will be led by NIBIO and is concerned with high-tech tomato production.