October 13 - 16, the international conference on LCA of food (LCAFOOD 2020) was held for the 12th time.

From NORSUS 5 researchers participated, giving in total 3 platform presentations and 4 posters.

  • From the RoBUTCHER project, a poster on social conditions in the European meat sector was presented. The poster showed key indicators at the slaughterhouses and results from a social hotspot analysis.
  • From the SYLFEED project, posters were presented regarding the environmental performance of proteins from wood compared to other protein sources, the environmental performance of proteins from insect meal, and a platform presentation of methods and databases for environmental assessment of proteins.
  • From the iNOBox project, an LCA of washing with plasma-activated water was presented in addition to a poster on environmental analysis of high-pressure processing.
  • From the FoodProFuture project, a platform presentation was given on the environmental impact of introducing food products based on field beans, peas and oilseeds (rapeseed and turnip rapeseed) grown in Norway, replacing parts of the protein food we now eat, which is 75% animal based.