Kick-off meeting of RoBUTCHER

Clara Valente and Hanne Møller have attended the kick-off meeting of RoBUTCHER [grant number 871631], a European funded project of 7.5 Million Euro, on January 13th and 14th 2020. The goal of the project is the development of a robust, flexible and scalable cognitive robotics platform, generally referred to as a "Meat Factory Cell".RoBUTCHER brings forward a new strategy which deviates significantly from current line-based production methods used in meat production. The project includes significant development in artificial intelligence and cooperative human-robot interaction.

Ostfold Research is involved in Working Package 1 (Assessment of autonomous robotics systems in the meat sector).

The aim of the Ostfold Research’s work is to outline a S-LCA analysis and end user engagement via focus groups for comparing the social performance of pre-pilot autonomous cell systems against post-pilot autonomous cell systems. The goals are to understand the end user effects of the MFC concept and to increase the S-LCA knowledge in the European meat sector