Kari-Anne Lyng elected chairman of the board of Avfallsforsk – the Norwegian network for waste research

Photo: Mona Nilsen

April 27. april 2021 Kari-Anne Lyng was elected chairman of the board at the digital annual meeting of Avfallsforsk. Avfallsforsk is a network of actors in the waste- and recycling industry and research organisations working for the stimulation of R&D activities related to waste resources and circular economy.

Kari-Anne Lyng is the coordinator of the research area Waste Resources at NORSUS and has several years of experience with research projects regarding Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of waste systems. Her doctorate dealt with environmental optimization of biogas value chains with a focus on both drivers, barriers and policy development. She has been project manager for a number of waste-related projects, and now manages the three-year research project Innovative Waste LogisticsKari-Anne is also Norway's representative in IEA task 37 Energy from biogas.

«An important task in the future will be the investigation of utilising different resource as resource efficient as possible, and this also applies for waste resources. Working interdisciplinary across sectors will be more and more important, and I’m sure Avfallsforsk will play an important role here", says Kari-Anne Lyng

We congratulate Kari-Anne Lyng with her new chairman position. We are sure her competence will be valuable for Avfallforsk’s further work.