Handbook in climate nudging - A guide for making it easier to change habits

If we are to transition into a more climate friendly society, habits need to change at all levels of society. Decades of research and experience have shown that more information is not enough to change behavior - we must make climate-friendly choices so simple, attractive and practical that we cannot resist them. To nudge means giving people a little bit of a push, and nudging is a tool to influence people to change their behavior.

Klimadulting - En håndbok

We at Endrava and NORSUS have created a handbook in climate nudging. This gives enterprises an introduction to nudging, practical examples and a method for developing their own nudges. In addition, good ideas for climate nudging developed in our workshops, are summed up. Nudging has in particular potential to reduce emissions through:

  • Reduction of food waste
  • Stimulating more climate-friendly food choices
  • Changing transport habits
  • Stimulating more reuse and recycling
  • Increase source sorting

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's latest reports show that there is even more urgency than has previously been expected to transition into a climate friendly society – both to limit and adapt to climate change, while achieving sustainable development. We hope this manual can be a nudge on the road to help change habits.

The project has been funded the Research Council of Norway.

Download the manual here