We congratulate our colleague Gaylord Kabongo Booto with his PhD defence!

February the 16th Gaylord Kabongo Booto defended his PhD Thesis «Using life cycle thinking approach to support environmental sustainability in big linear infrastructure projects” at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).  

This thesis focuses on environmental optimization of the vertical alignment in large linear infrastructure projects, at early design stage. Several models are developed which relate the road gradients for each constituting segment of the road to three elements retained as influential factors in this study, i.e. the earthwork cost, the energy cost and the emission cost. The work has been financed through the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's project Ferry free E39, within the sub-area climate and environment. Due to Covid19, the dissertation was defended digitally.  

Gaylord gave an excellent presentation of his thesis, and a very interesting discussion took place between Gaylord and the committee afterwards.  

Professor Rolf Andre Bohne, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been the candidate’s main supervisor. Professor Helge Brattebø, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, and Professor Tore Haavaldsen, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have been the candidate’s co-supervisors.

The following Assessment Committee was appointed to assess the thesis: 

  1. Professor Arpad Horvath, University of California, Berkeley, USA 
  1. Associate Professor Florian Gschösser, Leopold-Franzens University, Innsbruck, Austria 

Associate Professor Albert Lau, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NTNU, was appointed Administrator of the Committee. Professor Inge Hoff, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was Co-Administrator. 

We give our warmest congratulations to Gaylord - Dr. Booto!