Findings from PacKnoPlast will contribute to the MarILCA project

MarILCA – Marine Impacts in LCA - will contribute to integrating potential environmental impacts of marine litter, especially plastic, in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results.

This will lead to a more comprehensive picture of potential environmental impacts in order to identify trade-offs associated with the use of plastic and other materials in a product system. The project started in 2019 and will run until 2025. It was initiated by researchers from CIRAIG, PUCP and NTNU. 

The PacKnoPlast project will run for 3 years and will develop a knowledge-based, objective decision-support tool to reduce or eliminate plastic use in food packaging where this is advantageous for sustainability. Based on the nature of a product and the functional requirements of the packaging, the tool will establish where plastic packaging could be justifiable in the sustainability perspective, and feed into investigations of possible alternatives where it is not. 
This should contribute to reducing the use of plastic, by ensuring that plastic is only chosen when it is best, due to reductions in food waste and environmental impacts compared to alternatives.  

NORSUS is the project manager for PacKnoPlast, and in collaboration with NIVA and NIBIO, findings from this project will contribute to the MarILCA project.