A large part of the environmental and resource challenges for the construction industry are related to the production of construction products. These are manufactured industrially and require resources in the form of energy and raw materials. In addition, transport contributes significantly to the associated greenhouse gas emissions. The use of more sustainable construction materials and construction products will play a major role in reducing emissions and minimizing waste from the construction sector throughout the lifetime of buildings and other civil engineering works.

Manufacturers have been continuously working on improving the environmental and resource profile of their products and have since the beginning of the 1990s, worked closely with NORSUS, applying life cycle thinking for strategy and product development.

Today, many actors require documentation of the environmental and resource properties of construction materials and products over their life cycle. Manufacturers have, together with NORSUS, been driving the development of environmental declarations (EPD). It is central to our research that environmental declarations form part of holistic models for environmental assessment of construction works.


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