Skilled summer students engaged at NORSUS

NORSUS has engaged four talented summer students from June the 7th to July the 16th who are involved in various tasks in several of our exciting research projects:

Ina Charlotte Berntsen, NTNU / Energy and Environment

Ragnhild Bjerkvik Alnes, NTNU / Energy and Environment

Sander Nørsterud, NMBU / Renewable energy

Astrid Lye Moum, NMBU / Environmental Physics and Renewable Energy

The students have respectively finished their 4th and 3rd year at NTNU and NMBU, and have all academic backgrounds in one of the topics such as LCA, MFA, value chain assessment, and energy systems.

They are working on projects such as earthresque, DSolve, Innovative Waste Logistics (Innovativ Avfallslogistikk), and Bærekraftig innovasjon gjennom industriell symbiose.

Ina Charlotte, Ragnhild and Sander start their last year of their master's degree in the autumn. Their master's thesis will be carried out in collaboration with NORSUS, associated with the projects Innovative Waste Logistics, Dsolve and earthresQue, respectively.

"We are very satisfied with the carried out by the summer students and see that they provide us with valuable competence. Continuing this work through their master's theses makes this collaboration even more interesting" says Hanne Lerche Raadal, Head of Research at NORSUS.