Synnøve Rubach

Senior researcher

PhD, civil engineer


Synnøve is a senior researcher at NORSUS and works in various research projects as both project manager and team member.

She graduated in Mechanical Engineering at NTH (now NTNU) in 1992. She earned her PhD in Or-ganization and Management at Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU in 2011. Avhandlingen The dissertation focused on how companies use participation in external networks in their own innovation and development processes.

Synnøve has worked in NORSUS since 1995. She works professionally at the intersection of envi-ronmental and organizational challenges, and she is particularly interested in how creating arenas for increased knowledge building and exchange between different stakeholder groups can stimu-late research-based, sustainable innovation. During her first years as an employee, she worked on the development of environmental technology and mathematical modelling. She has also worked on documentation and optimization of environmental properties for packaging and product sys-tems, as well as the development of calculation tools for environmental parameters. Synnøve has held various management positions during these years, both as a thematic coordinator and as a research manager. She has also taught engineering studies at Østfold University College for a num-ber of periods, most recently in 2011-2015 in the course System Thinking and Innovation at the Bachelor's program Innovation and Project Management. Synnøve now works part-time at the entrepreneurial company Becour AS and is an examiner at NTNU.