Simon Alexander Saxegård


MSc Industrial Ecology


Simon is a research scientist in NORSUS. He participates in national, international and company funded research projects as a research scientist, quality assessor or project manager.

He has a bachelor’s degree in renewable energy supplemented by a master’s degree in industrial ecology from NTNU. In his bachelor’s degree years, he specialised in area planning and resource availability. During his master’s years he focused on material cycles and life cycle assessments.

Simon has worked in NORSUS since 2015. He mostly develops environmental assessment models, and interprets life cycle assessment and material cycles results. Simon started his career assessing environmental impacts of biogas, organic waste treatment systems and building materials. During his development at NORSUS as a life cycle assessment practitioner he has expanded into raw mate-rials and the building sector, food and packaging systems, energy, fuel and resource efficiency and transport, logistic, machinery and technology. In the last year, he has also begun to expand his understanding of social sustainability seen in context to both environmental an economic aspects.