Regina Skattenborg


M.S. in Energy and Environmental Engineering


Regina Skattenborg joined NORSUS as a researcher in February 2022.  

Regina holds an M.S. in Electrical Power Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) with a specialization in Smart Grids and Energy Transformation. In 2016, Regina received a Fulbright Grant to study at the University of Minnesota for a year as part of her master’s degree. She had internships researching methods of condition assessment of various high voltage electric components, and her master’s thesis “Condition Assessment of Hydro Generator Insulation Using Partial Discharge Measurements” was an extension of this work.

Upon graduation, Regina started working as an Electrotechnical Consultant within infrastructure and gained several years of experience with planning, design (mainly using Building Information Modeling), and project management in multidisciplinary railway projects in Norway. She mainly designed high and low voltage systems, telecommunication systems, and cable conduits as well as coordinated with external infrastructure owners. Regina held the positions of Technical Manager and Assistant Project Manager.

Regina has always taken interest in sustainability and the environment and held the Sustainability Coordinator position for her department in her previous employment.