Ole Jørgen Hanssen

Senior researcher




Ole Jørgen was the first employee in NORSUS, from its first days as Ostfold Research (started 1988). He has been institute leader for Preventive environmental protection (1988-93), leader of the LCA team (1993-1995), managing director (1995-97), senior researcher and research leader, before again being managing director from 2005 to 2009. Now he is senior researcher and leader of the NorEnviro.

From 1997-2004 Ole Jørgen was professor II in Industrial Ecology and Environmentally friendly design at NTNU. He was a member of the committee for Strategic Research on Sustainable Energy and Environment at the Danish Innovation Fund from 2009-2014.

Ole Jørgen has been a part-time professor of Renewable Energy at the Department for Natural Management at NMBU from 2010. From 2015, this has been partly funded by a 5-year programme for competence building in the waste sector (ReDu).