Gaylord Kabongo Booto

Senior researcher

PhD /MSc

 905 887 31

Gaylord har vært ansatt som forsker ved NORSUS siden første kvartal i 2020. Han ble utdannet luftfartsingeniør fra Institut Superieur de Techniques Appliquees i Kinshasa (ISTA) i 2005, og miljøingeniør, spesialisert i forurensningskontroll og energiproduksjon fra Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) i Hellas i 2014.

Gaylord has conducted his PhD in Applied Sustainability and Life Cycle Thinking in Big Infrastructure projects at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) which he has finalized in 2020. His research areas encompass environmental modelling and optimization using life cycle assessment (LCA) and other life cycle management (LCM) tools to analyze, evaluate and improve the environmental profile of products, processes and services in the energy, transport and waste sectors. Gaylord has strong experience in modelling heavy vehicles powertrains – from the energy and environmental perspective – as well as clean energy systems (fuel cells, biomass conversion, waste valorization

Other research interests of Gaylord are, among others, backend development, environmental (spa-tial) big data analytics, low carbon assets management, sustainable mobility, and sustainability in the built environment.