Ellen Soldal

Senior researcher

Phd, MSc



Ellen is a researcher at NORSUS and participates in research projects as both project co-worker and manager. She has been in NORSUS since 2015.

Ellen holds a master's degree in nature management from the Norwegian University of Life Scienc-es (NMBU) graduating in 2005. In 2015, she completed her PhD at NMBU. The title of the disserta-tion is "Integrating life cycle assessment and forest modeling for environmental and econom-ic assessment of forest-based bioenergy in Norway".

Ellen participates in research projects that analyze the environmental performance of various products and services, applying life cycle assessments. The project portfolio includes both national and international projects, small and large projects.

Ellen has been approved as an independent verifier for EPD-Norway in the period 2019-2022.