Anne Rønning

Senior researcher



Anne is senior researcher at NORSUS and coordinator for research related to buildings and civil engineering work. She manages and participates in research projects in diverse empirical fields.

She has a MSc in chemical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). In 2017, she took her PhD at Aalborg University on the thesis «Travels with LCA: The evolu-tion of LCA in the construction sector». «Travels with LCA: The evolution of LCA in the construction sector».

Anne started working at NORSUS in 1992. Her major research areas are within the use and devel-opment of life cycle assessment (LCA) in several empirical fields. She has held various management positions in NORSUS (then Ostfold Research), both as a scientific manager and as the Head of department.

Presently, her projects are mainly related to the building sector and its different actors. She is in-terested in all aspects of sustainability and wants to understand how products and companies per-form in relation to these. For Anne, it is important that the outcomes of the projects serve as a knowledge platform for sustainable innovations both in the private and public sector, as well as for developing incentives and policies in order to promote sustainable development. Anne is actively involved in the development of international standards for environmental assess-ments and sits as a national expert on several committees in both ISO and CEN. She has since 2012 held the position as convenor for the Working Group for Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works in ISO. In addition, she is an approved verifier of environmental product declara-tions (EPD) for EPD-Norway.