Anna Furberg

Senior researcher

 +46 72 726 76 83

Anna has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering with Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, with specialisation in Sustainable Energy Systems. In 2020, she finalized her PhD degree at the Division of Environmental Systems Analysis also at Chalmers University of Technology. In her PhD work, she assessed environmental, resource and human health impacts of hard materials, mainly using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) but also Material Flow Analysis (MFA). More specifically, she investigated the possibility to replace conventional hard materials, such as cemented carbide, with novel ones, such as synthetic diamond, by assessing whether the new materials have lower life cycle impacts.

Anna works in research projects involving the assessment of environmental impacts of products, such as materials, and services from a system’s perspective. In addition to LCA and MFA, she is also experienced in other environmental systems analysis methods, such as Environmental Risk Assessment. Her research interests lie within environmental systems analysis and the development of methods, such as LCA, and the generation of information that could guide society towards a sustainable future.