Aina Elstad Stensgård


M.Sc. Renewable Energy


Aina Stensgård is a researcher at NORSUS. She is the coordinator of the research area ‘Food’, and former responsible for the area ‘Food and packaging’. She has previously functioned as research manager at the institute.

Aina did her bachelor and master studies at the Norwegian University for Life Sciences (NMBU). Her master thesis was about waste and was written as a part of the projects KlimaReg and Bio Value Chain, in collaboration with NORSUS (then Østfoldforskning). The result was an optimisation model for waste, with regard to greenhouse gas emissions and costs.

After submitting her thesis, Aina started working at NORSUS (then Østfoldforskning), where she has worked on a number of projects on food, food waste and packaging issues, as well as with LCA tool development.

Aina has always been interested in the environment. During her student days she worked as a consultant on green certification (miljøfyrtårn), and certified the student festival at NMBU as well as student facilities at Ås.